Monday, June 29, 2009

Boating With Buddies

1. Brinley likes ol' Mabel!!

2. I give Damon one more year before he won't even hug me in public!! I'll take what I can for now!!

3. For those of you who don't know Gerrit he IS smiling in this picture.

4. What can I say.... I love you SEAN!!

My Home Away From Home: UCDH

1. Me and Kader-Bug are SHOCKED at how many caveties he had!!!
He was the cutest patient I have ever had though, so I couldn't be too hard on him. :)
2. Taking impressions on one of my BFF's (Amber)
3. This is my favorite part of Summer Semester!! If it weren't for injections I would poke my eyes OUT!! BTW Thanks Keeyon for the great shot, and for lying about mine, saying it was the "Best ever!!".

Brinleys Tinkerbell Dance

I Love This Little Girl!!! She is in the front. Second from the Left.